• Sina Meraji

    Sina Meraji

    Founder and CEO of LearningLoop.org , the universal basic education

  • Bobbi Perreault

    Bobbi Perreault

    Reusing stuff to make pretty things (Save the planet, Y'All). OH, I write software too - @prairiesoftware - Swing By Swing

  • Uyanwune, Chekwube

    Uyanwune, Chekwube

    When a child washes his hands, then he can eat with his elders.

  • Sean Byrnes

    Sean Byrnes

    CEO @outlierai, helping leaders become data driven. Founder of @FlurryMobile. Active Startup Advisor, Father, Volunteer, Artist.

  • annie feighery

    annie feighery

    Expert in public health innovation. CEO & co-founder of @mWaterCo. MPA, EdM, EdD. Mother of 3. Domains: Tech, social networks, MCH, water & sanitation

  • Waqas Qadeer Soomro

    Waqas Qadeer Soomro

  • Shane Richards

    Shane Richards

  • John Wick

    John Wick

    Marketing Consultant working with Aurion, http://bit.ly/2X37xnn. Likes to write on business support services, current market trends, and company setup.

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